Welcome to Get Big, Go To Work! My name is Alex, and I am the 25 year old writer behind this healthy living blog. I grew up and spent most of my life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (and 4 fantastic years at Virginia Tech), but I recently moved to Richmond, Virginia. I have a full-time, 40 hours a week “grown-up” job, but I have a passion for fitness and healthy eating. I love working-out, and I especially enjoy lifting weights in the gym.

Why Get Big, Go To Work? When I was living in Pittsburgh, I worked as a Manager at the local hospital. I was on the evening shift (2PM-midnight) for nearly a year. Not fun. I re-arranged my schedule and started lifting weights before going to work. My co-workers and fellow employees always commented on how big my arms were. At first, this made me pretty self-conscious; were my arms really that big? Of course not. They were strong, beautiful, muscular arms. These arms can do pull-ups,chin ups, pushups and so much more each day in the gym. Insert Nick; my wonderful boyfriend of three years. He is a personal trainer so he likes to lift weights himself, and he thought it was so funny everyone at work was telling me I had big arms. He jumped on the bandwagon and started telling me everyday to “Get Big (go lift some heavy weights), Go To Work,” and thus my blog name was born.


Nick & me

Nick & me

Side note: We actually met each other at the local gym where he was working. He was so impressed with my leg extension that he asked me out to dinner, and the rest is history.

My journey to health and well-being has always been a gradual movement. Growing up, I ate whatever my mom and dad served me and my siblings each night for dinner along with the snacks in our cupboard. I would consider our meals healthy (protein, vegetable, carbohydrate), but the snacks I use to eat..yeah, not so much. I don’t think animal crackers, popcorn shrimp or popsicles fit into any food group on the pyramid. I didn’t have to worry about calories back in the day because I was so active with our next door neighbors (there was no Xbox to play..instead, we had to entertain ourselves with a saucer swing) and had great genetics (thanks mom!) that I seemed to burn off everything I ate. This continued all the way through high school.

Now, it was time to go off to college, and I was acutely aware of the dreaded “Freshman 15.” I made a conscious effort to make healthy choices in the dining halls and exercise daily. I used the elliptical a lot – running scared me back in the day; it was hard! – and started lifting weights at the Rec Center. This really helped me clear my mind and feel energized while sitting in classes for an hour at a time. I also started off my day with oatmeal, high in fiber and low in fat, in my dorm room, and I watched my portions when in the dining hall. This by no means meant I deprived myself. Rather, I made healthy choices I felt were right for me. I was known to frequent the ice cream parlor on a regular basis, but I didn’t drink much alcohol during my undergrad. I simply didn’t like the taste of alcohol, and I wasn’t about to waste calories on something I didn’t enjoy.

Now I have graduated, and I continue to eat healthy, balanced, flavorful meals everyday. I enjoy getting my fitness on with track workouts, running, biking and lifting weights in the gym. Variety: it’s my key to staying focused, energized and excited for what’s to come each day. This blog is a compilation of workouts, recipes, travels from my life.

Today, and everyday, I continue to pursue my healthy life. Unprocessed foods as much as possible. Strength training on a weekly basis. Laughing with the ones I love.

Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy the site.